The Discrimination King.....with teeth

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Pok 'er Face

That's how you try to wake Lady Gaga up.

In your life, you sometimes experience an awesome week, but Life, as a bitch as usual, will turn around and give you a ride so fast you can't finish muttering "Oh shit".

This week has been surprisingly shocking. My ex-course mate got married yesterday, though I expected him to do so 2 years later (too horny I assume, lulz). Next I bumped into a chap who I almost forgot and had a good chat with him, with his face ready to chew my head off if he tries. And the next I am running back and forth between my work site and office for 4 straight days, adding that 2 days ago people here are still celebrating my Home town's first trophy in 89 years. Oh joy.

Now that tomorrow is public holiday and only my company will be business as usual, only bright side is I don't have to stuck in jam for a day, and get to loiter around, solo.

You know, I should stop reading the horoscope, chinese and western, all I got from them is:

"O hai, we writing long essay of positive things you wanted to read, so you can have a sense of false hope and unprepared for huge disappointment. Yet we expect you to continue believe in us so you can continue holding on to that false sense of hope and security to move on with your life."

Most people got lucky, few don't.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Now you feel it now you don't

So how does it feel after working for 4 months ?


Brilliant in not so awesome way. Brilliant in not so convenient way. Brilliant in not so everyone-is-awesome-to-your way. Brilliant in not so exciting way. But overall, it is brilliant.

Maybe I just hate university life despite all the good and bad memories there, but hey, there's monthly salary for me to buy stuff I wanted despite objections from my dear mother, of course I have to everything in moderation, yes ?



Infact I am clueless what lies ahead, despite the burden of having to get laid is strike off from my to-do list. Even I am not sure about earning more money but hey sooner or later I have to learn to play mutual fund, provided that I am not hurr durr enough to fubar it.

October arrived and it brings along cool weather which is a good timing provided that I have been cooking myself in construction site for the past 2 months, bloody summer. Give me monsoon anyday.

Oh well life goes on, I believe I am the only 1986-er in my home town.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

When the dust settles...

It's done.

I am graduated.

Saying goodbye to course mates is never easy, but there is always Facebook and instant messangers to spam at. Thus I don't believe that goodbye is permenant, just like what The Bread sung.

4 years is long indeed, but looking back, it is just like yesterday. There maybe some tasks I failed to finish, or debt that someone still owe me, but it is done. Period. I am getting the fuck out of here. The feeling of real freedom is just undescriable, infact, feeling free is an understatement.

Many said that university life is the best, I wish I can prove them wrong, for I am having nausea thinking about all the notes that I can recall as far as Year 1 Semester 1. Many forgotten how terrible revising a subject was, which is still a memorise fiesta.

Having went to Phuket and krabi trip, I managed to challenge myself, harden my balls, and most of all, enjoy every moment with them. I had made a mistake for slowing to join in them gang, for this I believe that I had made up for this by joining the trip.

Cheerios you bastards, it has been fun. Have a good lives y'all.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Come forth the ending

In less than 2 weeks my existence in this university will cease without question. 4 years finally come to this, a well mix of sweet and sour, betrayal and loyalty, notes and books, presentation and expectation, young and senile, strict and lean, egomaniac and humble pie, etc.

Bloody hell just get me out of this shit hole.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Here's something Tiger related. Chinese people refer crossroads as the "Tiger's Mouth". Operating business is mostly considered a no-no, or else suffer either minor or dire consequences.

In my home town, there's shop selling lights and lamps specialties for almost a decade and a half, which was considered not bad. They decided to close down and move on. Then someone took over and open a cyber cafe plus restaurant, which was quite ambitious and full of potential. The cafe closed shop after just 4 months of operation as there was hardly any customers.

And then came an owner opened a vegetarian restaurant, and boy, how it shocked me.

The restaurant prospers, and I have never seen it so lively and never ending supply of customers come flooding the shop that situated in the so called "Tiger's Mouth". Must because of how holy it is to open a vegetarian restaurant to ward of fierce spirits, yes ?

Somehow, it saddens me how most Chinese still believe that Tiger is bad, while Dragon whoring all the lime lights. I don't see any wrong about being borned under Tiger year. Every general description I read about Tiger zodiac, it just...nothing wrong it. Oh well, maybe I just sad when my mom told me how less babies borned under Tiger's sign. Here's the blessing in disguise, I don't need to fiercely compete with others.

3 weeks to go to welcome year of Tiger, my year to be exact. Here's an early of live long and prosper to you all. Make it a good year despite of current chaos that we are having. Oh who am I kidding...

Monday, December 28, 2009

It is the most ordinary time of the year

All preparation for the festive season will just gone by after 24 hours ? Chinese New Year can do better than that.

Next year after May I may not see most of the people I met in universities, but at least I have someone to keep in touch with when I come back to KB to start working.

Heck, I don't care if I can't find a girl there till I am 40 years old, if I can't fix myself, why I must have time for other ?


Friday, October 30, 2009


"So Jie, when are you gonna update your balog ?"

A very good question from my dad when I munched down my Double Mozza in A&W, which is still alive surprisingly, and undergone revonation too.

Will I scream in agony that my pirvacy has been stripped away start crying ala "LEAVE BRITNAY ARONE !!111" or just accept the fate that my parents has became very tech survey.

I blame my cousins.


Hey, it is fun to blame anything but oneself :D.

To say Kota Bharu has not changed much is lying. It does change, but I don't know for better or worst, which is natural in anyway. I won't be the next Kuala Lumpur but hey it is all good for now.

I will be attending my cousin's wedding coming 11th December. Met her fiance, a nice guy overall. Somehow within me I imagine that I might become like him, marrying late. But that just another story to tell one fine day.

Anyway, congrats to her, whether to become a baby factory or not is up to her, as long as they themselves are living happily then all is good, way better than succumb to the society's pressure that everyone must start romance since young, while those who never experience before will be frowned upon and labeled as a no life.

Now I am praying that no one at the wedding ask me whether I am still single and lecture me about how much fun I have missed out and wasted my youth away on toys instead of chasing after girls like rabid dog. Just please don't let me pull a conversation stopper when I am there.

Perhaps I need to stay away from sites that dedicate to romantic tips and arguement about relationship.

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